Country Strategy


Each IDB Country Strategy provides strategic direction for a four-year period and gives context to the IDB’s activities in its member countries. The strategy aligns and prioritizes the key goals of economic and human development shared between the IDB and its member countries. The IDB’s own research and Government’s Vision 2030 Plan were used to create the IDB’s Trinidad and Tobago Country Strategy 2016-2020. 


The IDB Country Strategy 2016-2020 for Trinidad and Tobago focuses on promoting sustainable development and economic growth. The IDB will also lend its expertise toward changing macroeconomic policy that better suits the new reality of lower commodity prices. The three main areas of the IDB Country Strategy are: (i) strengthening public sector institutions and governance; (ii) promoting private sector development; and (iii) fostering human development. Additionally, the cross-cutting themes of climate change and gender equality address those challenges and offer solutions in line with the three strategic focus areas.