IDB & Unfollow

About the IDB


Established in 1959, the IDB is a leader in development financing, and has helped to improve lives across Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB partners with member countries to implement their development objectives, and focuses on areas such as improving living standards, reducing poverty and inequality, and advancing infrastructure by assisting with financial and technical support. The IDB promotes sustainable development in a climate-friendly way through each specific Country Strategy. The IDB provides loans, grants, technical assistance and conducts extensive research. Over the next few years, issues such as social inclusion and inequality, productivity and innovation, and economic integration will be among the IDB’s main priority areas. The IDB’s leadership has also highlighted three cross-cutting issues of critical importance – gender equality and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability, and institutional capacity and the rule of law. The IDB is strongly committed to achieving measurable results, while promoting the values of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Unfollow: Same never made a difference


The IDB has always made a difference through its various actions in, and with, member countries. Being fully aware that just hoping for change doesn’t mean that change will come, we at the IDB believe that we must see things differently, and act differently to bring about change. This ideal and paradigm lies at the heart of the “Unfollow” campaign. “Unfollow” points to the future actions and mind-set necessary to fully implement the new Trinidad and Tobago Country Strategy. Through the “Unfollow” message, we at the IDB are fully committed to listening, learning and working with all of our development partners in Trinidad and Tobago. Following the status quo is no longer an option as Government, private enterprise, and citizens must break free from the norm, and in so doing, help steer Trinidad and Tobago toward the path of sustainable economic development.